Moment entire beach is washed away as Greek hurricane-like ‘medicane’ strikes

Cyclone Ianos has wreaked havoc across Greece, killing at least three people with another woman still missing after trying to flee the floods.

A shocking video shows a beach washed away as a giant mudslide takes part of a road and other debris out to sea.

In the clip, a torrent of storm water churns over the sand like a waterfall.

The remains of a road, ripped apart by the flood, is visible in the background as the camera pans around.

Cyclone Ianos made landfall in the Ionian Islands in central Greece with sustained wind speeds of more than 75 mph – making it as strong as a Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic.

Tragically, three people have died including a farmer and a man whose roof collapsed on top of him as he sheltered at home, reports.

A woman's car was found after she tried to escape the floods and she is still reported missing, according to the title.

The storm made landfall on Thursday and the emergency services continue to work non-stop, with the storm wiping out the power to many towns and complicating rescues even further.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said the government’s plan is to provide financial relief to the central areas battered by the storm.

"Saving human lives is our priority," he said.

The storm was dubbed a "medicane" – a Mediterranean hurricane – which shows the classic swirling "eye" pattern of a cyclone or hurricane but occurs outside of the tropics.

Because the Mediterranean has a hot and dry climate it is rare for a tropical storm to reach hurricane-like strength.

Medicanes are more frequent in the months of September to January and rare in the summer.

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