Moments Brits panic as shark spotted stalking sea near popular Spanish beach

Spain: Shark spotted swimming off beach close to Alicante

Terrifying footage captures the heart-stopping moment beachgoers flee in fear for their lives after spotting a shark in the sea near a major Spanish resort. Lifeguards acted swiftly, blowing their whistles to alert both locals and holidaymakers about the presence of the shark and urging them to evacuate the sea as quickly as possible.

During the chaos, a woman, believed to be elderly, received assistance from Good Samaritans as she was helped out of the water. Reports indicate that she suffered a panic attack when realising how near she was to the shark.

The incident took place at Aguamarina Beach in Orihuela Costa, located south of Alicante, at approximately 10am on Thursday.

According to initial local reports, the shark is believed to be a seven-foot-long blue shark.

Despite the efforts of local police and emergency responders, their search for the shark proved fruitless, as it seemingly returned to the open sea undetected.

While encounters between sharks and humans are typically not a significant issue in Spanish resort towns, there have been a few alarming incidents in recent years.

In 2016, a blue shark was held responsible for an attack on a holidaymaker further down the coast in Elche, near Alicante.

The victim, a 40-year-old individual, was swiftly taken to the hospital, where they received stitches for a hand wound. First aiders described the bite as “large” and noted that the victim emerged from the sea with blood streaming from the injury.

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Another incident occurred in 2018 when tourists fled in panic after a blue shark, one of the most commonly found species in Spain, appeared off the crowded Majorcan beach of Calas de Majorca, located on the east coast of the island.

It has been recently reported that a tiger shark responsible for the recent fatal attack on a 23-year-old Russian tourist in Egypt is being preserved for display in a museum.

Vladimir Popov died while swimming at a popular beach in Hurghada, Egypt, as horrified onlookers witnessed the shark attack. Desperately crying out for help, he screamed “Papa, papa” during the ordeal.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that the man’s remains were recovered from inside the shark’s stomach after the creature was clubbed to death by beachgoers.

Amr Zakaria Hamouda, the head of the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Fisheries in Egypt, stated that the shark has been mummified and is being prepared for exhibition at the Museum of Marine Sciences in Hurghada.

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