Monk steals car after seller lets him test drive it as he trusted the holy man

A man claiming to be a monk asked to test drive a car but then never returned it.

Used car salesman Sornram Ounta, 29, revealed that the "monk", who said his name was Luang Phi Mu, contacted him with the intention of buying a sedan car.

The pair agreed on a price of 20,000 baht (£475) for the vehicle and then arranged to meet at the Tak Fa Bus Terminal Centre in Thailand's Nakhon Sawan Province, where it was planned the transaction would take place.

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On arrival, though, the "monk" requested that they drive to a temple in Saraburi Province's Mueang District, where he would pick up the money to pay for the car.

But Mr Sornram, wanting to get back to his home in the Nakhon Sawan Province's Muang District, suggested instead that Mr Luang took the car for a test drive and kept it overnight before making arrangements to pay for it the following day.

Mr Sornram believed he could trust the man of religion but, the next day, he was unable to make contact with Mr Luang and had to report the car as having been stolen to officers at Saraburi City Police Station.

When asked why he was willing to let Mr Luang take the car without him having bought it, Mr Sornram reasoned: "I trusted him because I thought he was a monk. The deal was only 20,000 baht too and I didn't think that I would be deceived."

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He went on to add: "Monks are scarier than ghosts these days!"

Mr Sornram has also put out an appeal on Facebook for people's help to find the car.

When monks from the temple in Saraburi Province's Mueang District, which is known as Luang Pho, were questioned about Mr Luang, none of them knew who he was, but remembered that he had been seen there over a two-day period.


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