Monster ‘Jaws-sized’ shark spotted swimming off coast by terrified beachgoers

A monster shark as big as the robotic monster fish used in the classic film Jaws has been spotted off the coast of Australia.

A member of the public noticed the sharp-toothed beast swimming approximately 20m away from the shore at Secret Harbour in Perth, Australia.

Surf Life Saving WA said it received several calls alerting them to the silver skinned peril.

They estimated that the shark was 7m long, which would make it the same size as the animatronic shark from Steven Spielberg's Jaws.

It also dwarfs a shark tagged in 2014 that was reported to be the biggest ever tagged shark in Australia.

The female great white was measured at 5.04m to the fork in its tail, making its overall length 5.3m.

Great white sharks are the biggest predatory fish on Earth, weighing in at over 2.5 tonnes, and able to swim at speeds of 15mph.

They have 300 teeth spread across multiple rows, and can smell a drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away.

Despite its fearsome reputation, great white sharks are listed as vulnerable, with overfishing and getting trapped in commercial fishing nets causing numbers to plummet.

Recently a great white shark was caught on video lunging at a boat and gnashing its teeth at the propeller, shocking the group of men on board.

In the clip, recorded in Bulli, New South Wales, Australia, the gigantic shark lurks below the surface of the water as one of the men records it on his phone.

The shark looks like it will swim under the boat, then suddenly breaches the water and tries to sink its teeth into the motor.

While the men laugh and scream in shock, the shark thrashes in the water wildly before disappearing from view.

"He's gonna bite ma motor," a man says.

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