Morbidly-wrong sinking Titanic bouncy castle at kids party gains mixed views

A bouncy castle depicting the sinking of the Titanic has been dubbed "morbidly wrong" after it appeared at an event for children.

Children were seen scuttling up the inbuilt inflatable stairs to fly down the slide on the slanted bouncy castle, believed to be in the US.

Built in Belfast, the "unsinkable" HMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City on April 15, 1912, in the North Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg.

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And considering that over 1,500 people died in the tragedy, some social media users thought the inflatable toy was in poor taste.

A clip shared by an American user to Instagram on September 26 has so far garnered over 600,000 likes and been viewed more than 10 million times.

The poster, Tara Cox, accompanied the clip with the caption: “Omg (oh my God) is it just me or is this morbidly wrong?. (But it does look hella fun!)”

The Titanic replica in the clip even appeared to have inflatable ice bergs and a sign inside that said "first class passengers only".

"I couldn't believe it when I saw this at an event years ago! What's next, the Twin Tower free fall?! I can't," wrote another person.

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Another wrote: "This is so, I looked it up, and even on the inside, as you go up the stairs, it says 'first-class passengers only’.”

The slide is strikingly similar to one made by N-Flatables, a US company, which says it is the "highest revenue-generating slide ever made".

The company, which deals in "cutting edge" inflatables, sells its version for almost $11,000 (£9,400). The company has been contacted for comment.

But not everybody thinks the slide is a bad idea. One person said: “I’m stuck between ‘this is morbid’ and ‘this looks like so much fun’”, while others noted “people being offended by this are too sensitive nowadays”.


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