More than 300 charges laid against 4 ‘prolific offenders’: Edmonton police

The Edmonton Police Service has arrested four people it calls prolific offenders and more than 300 drug and stolen-property charges have been laid.

In a news release on Thursday, police said the arrests and charges are related to a “major” stolen property and drug-trafficking investigation.

“Police commenced an investigation into the illegal activities surrounding a rental property near 19 Avenue and Lakewood Road South in mid-April,” the release read. “Investigators eventually identified several suspects of interest residing at that address.”

When police executed a search warrant at the home, a young child was taken from the residence by trusted family members, police said. The EPS Child-at-Risk Response Team will be following up with additional investigations.

Officers also seized nearly 200 grams of fentanyl — which has an estimated street value of $25,000 — over $16,000 in Canadian currency, thousands of dollars in Canadian counterfeit currency, hundreds of fake and stolen IDs and credit cards, instruments for manufacturing credit cards and government documents and 26 pairs of new, stolen work boots.

On April 30, police arrested Randi Cramer. Police allege she was seen selling drugs several times from a vehicle near Whyte Avenue. When she was arrested, police allege they found about 10 grams of fentanyl, valued at around $5,000, on the 26-year-old.

About a week later, police arrested Robert Richards on drug-trafficking charges. He was arrested while inside a convenience store on 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road South. Police allege the 33-year-old had $3,000 in Canadian currency, 10 diamond rings valued at more than $17,000 and a .22 caliber pistol on him when he was arrested.

Two other people, Matthew Cook, 30, and Camille Paradis, 35, were also arrested, police said.

The four have been charged with various stolen property and drug-related charges. Cramer is also facing one count of causing a child to be drug endangered.

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