Mortified diner finds couple having sex in cubicle after popping to the loo

A shocked diner was horrified after trying to go to the loo only to hear a couple having sex inside the cubicle.

The footage, which was recorded by a customer at a Chipotle restaurant, shows two members of staff coming to investigate their complaint as loud sexual moans can be heard from behind the grey toilet door.

In the 13-second video, which was shared online by Roy Bling, one of the staff members were heard shouting: "Y'all need to stop or I'm calling the police."

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The other appeared to have already dialled as she was holding a landline phone to her ear.

Seemingly frustrated, the customer said: "I just wanted to use the bathroom."

The video has since been reshared by several creators on TikTok – all of whom were flabbergasted by the footage.

One user said: "You don't do stuff like that at Chipotle."

Another added: "You must feel adrenaline up to 100."

A third commented: "Damn. What madness."

It is not clear which outlet the footage was filmed at but those caught on camera seem to have an American accent.

Chipotle have been contacted by the Daily Star for a comment.

The news comes after a bloke who captured a video of a woman flipping the bird after getting caught receiving oral sex on a train has shared his shock at discovering the act in the next seat over.

The passenger has since shared his horror at the moment he realised the older couple were going at it without a care in the world.

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The man was left red-faced when he peeked over his seat on board a London-Northwestern train to see a woman with her legs in the air and knickers at her knees.


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