Moscow plundering Ukraine as lorries of grains stuck in queues heading for Russia

Moscow accused of 'plundering' Ukraine

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A long queue of trucks reportedly full of various “agricultural products” can be seen travelling in a long line towards the Russian borden in a newly-emerged video. Russian officials have confirmed their plot to blackmail Western nations by withholding food and agricultural products from them until economic sanctions are removed from Russia’s economy. Social media users have been erupting over the Russian forces taking agricultural products in order to starve the West.

A Russian state media outlet has claimed the UK is currently on the brink of having to turn to cannibalism due to bare shelves due to the Government’s ongoing support of Ukraine.

The trucks originally came from Kherson, a city now under siege by Russian forces despite Ukrainian troops brutally fighting for weeks to hold them off.

A car can be seen filming alongside the line of dozens of lorries which appear to be heading into the Russian occupied Crimea.

Crimea is known for its access to the sea and was once used to help ship Ukrainian grain and produce goods to the rest of the world.

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One user @VBausys said: “This is a robbery, blackmail and an attempt to create a global food crisis. In a few months, we will see a bunch of “experts” pressure on [Ukraine] to cease the fire. UN will express a ‘deep concern’?”

@_Dark_Preacher_ said: “simple … the wheat must be poisoned, use antifreeze fluid or something else. Orcs use Sarin gas, thermobaric bombs and phosphorus grenades against your people, you can strike back with poisoning.”

@Marco_I_had said: “So block any ship loaded with wheat going through Bosphorus, then you will see a sudden change and brake of blockade on UKR ports. Remember that Russia is super dependent on the Black Sea as well.”

@Agkala said: “full-scale looting as if we were in the middle ages what’s going to be crusade time ?!”

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@John02830619 said: “The Russian imperialists build their wealth by robbing conquered territories. Contemporary colonialism at its worst.”

@Mymekwek said: “Russians are ransacking the world food supply.”

@TakeAGandor said: “Not the actions of a liberator planning to hang around. They know their days on Ukrainian soil are numbered.”

@M4mysoul said: “Damn @EmmanuelMacron @Bundeskanzler @naftalibennett for allowing this to happen by blocking heavy arm shipments to Ukraine #StandWithUkraine”

Ukraine is known as the breadbasket of the world and was exporting an estimated 12 percent of the global grain supply before the war.

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“The food supply for millions of Ukrainians and millions more around the world has quite literally been held hostage by the Russian military.”

Russia has been using the threat of global starvation on the rest of the world, by demanding the West remove their sanctions on Russia in order for countries to continue receiving produce from Ukraine.

Russian deputy foreign minister, Andrei Rudenko said: “We have repeatedly stated that a solution to the food problem requires a comprehensive approach, including the lifting of sanctions that have been imposed on Russian exports and financial transactions. Russia is ready to provide the necessary humanitarian passage.”

Rudenko added: “Russia now blackmails the world by demanding to lift sanctions in exchange for them unblocking Ukraine’s food exports. Any foreign politician or official who may think of accepting this game should first visit the graves of killed Ukrainian children and talk to their parents.”

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