Mother bursts into tears as Putin kills her 11-year-old daughter with missile

A Ukrainian mother has been pictured in floods of tears as she glimpsed the covered corpse of her innocent young daughter, killed by Russia’s 18th missile strike in a month. The 11-year-old girl, alongside two women, were reportedly killed after they mistakenly fled to a closed bomb shelter in the early hours of Thursday morning. Unable to reach another shelter, the trio were fatally wounded by deadly shrapnel raining overhead in the aftermath of collisions between Russian ballistic missiles and Ukrainian air defence artillery.

Locals of the Desnyan district, where the incident took place, claimed this morning they had complained before about the lack of access to the shelter but had received no response from officials.

The mother has been pictured in shock as she had to identify her young girl’s body this morning.

Held by two companions, the mother was bent double sobbing while her daughter, covered by a black tarpaulin, lay still beneath her.

The young girl was killed in the Desnyan district, western Kyiv, which has been one of the two worst hit regions of the capital over the past month.

A 33-year-old woman and a 43-year-old mother also died as a result of the Russian shelling, which struck the former medical-facility-turned-bomb-shelter, according to Ukrainian official Kostiantyn Koshelenko.

Vitaliy Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, said “specialists of the municipal security department” were now “investigating” why there was no access to the “polyclinic”.

Vladimir Putin’s senseless onslaught of attacks included 10 Iskander ballistic missiles, all of which were reportedly shot down, but the falling debris led to the most fatal night in the Ukrianian capital in a month.

Mr Kltischko said in the immediate aftermath of the missile strikes, which took place from 1am local time (11pm GMT) and lasted for roughly an hour, that 14 people had been injured.

The horrific attack has forced Ukraine to cancel its annual Children’s Day, a celebration that had accrued special importance in light of Russia’s full-scale invasion, which has seen thousands of Ukrainian children abducted and forcibly removed from their families.

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The Thursday morning attack also damaged apartment buildings, a medical clinic, a water pipeline and cars.

Earlier, the city government had said that two children were killed before revising the number to one.

Serhei Haidai, former head of the Luhansk military administration, one of two regions that make up Donbas, where the heaviest fighting is taking place, said the news of the girl’s death last night had made him “shudder”.

He said: “Their childhood was not preserved, the Russians took it away. Russia has ruined the destinies of thousands of children.

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He added: “The purest children are suffering violence; these are Ukrainian realities today that make the whole world shudder.”

Russia has repeatedly targeted Kyiv with waves of drone and missile attacks since the start of the invasion, but attacks against the capital have significantly intensified over the past month as Ukraine prepares for a counteroffensive.

While most incoming weapons are shot down, many Kyiv residents are anxious and tired after weeks of sleepless nights listening to the sound of explosions.

After a woman was killed watching an aerial attack from her balcony earlier this week, Kyiv authorities urged residents to heed warning sirens and stay in shelters or other safe locations.

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