Mum and son homeless after £280k home is sold to pay ex-hubbys £3.5k debt

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    A British mother and her son have been left homeless after their home was secretly sold in order to pay off a debt that was left by her ex-husband.

    Victoria Jenkins had lived in the same £280,000 Spanish property on the Costa del Sol in Andalusia for 22 years with her 13-year-old son Sam having been born in the region.

    However, their lives were rocked when officials in Mijas suddenly served her with an eviction notice after selling their home at a price of just £24,000 at auction without her knowing.

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    The two-bed flat in Riviera del Sol was bought by Ms Jenkins and her ex-husband for around £230,000 with no mortgage or other debt held against the property.

    Despite the property being worth around £280,000, local authority sold it for a fraction of that price, due to an alleged debt of £3,500.

    Ms Jenkins claimed this was no accident and was done deliberately as part of a scam by town hall officials to snatch properties from residents under false pretences.

    She said: "Notification about the sale were sent to the wrong address, leaving me not allowed to speak.

    "I have had the same address, email and phone number the whole time I've been in Spain. All the court documents have the correct address, but the notifications were sent to one that doesn't exist.

    "When it looked to the judge that I was not responding he granted them the eviction and they had no problem finding me and banging on my door when it was time to kick me out. I don't know how these people sleep at night."

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    Ms Jenkins is not giving up and is taking the case to a tribunal at the Supreme Court in Madrid to challenge whether the sale of the property was legal.

    She added: "We were kicked onto the streets in the middle of a world pandemic and left with nothing over a £3,500 debt."

    Ms Jenkins has urged other Britons to take heed of her situation when it comes to buying properties in this region.

    She said: "I have seen so many people come and have sold their homes back in the UK to invest here, only for 12 months later to leave with nothing. It is heart-breaking."


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