Mum boycotts UK McDonalds with p***ed off customers and swarms of flies

A mum has sworn she will not return to a “disgusting” and “filthy” McDonald's strewn with rubbish despite an apology from the franchise.

Keira Evans, from Mow Cop, a village between Cheshire and Staffordshire, stopped for some fast food after attending a children's birthday party.

Keira, her partner Lee and their two-year-old daughter Bonnie stopped for a bite to eat at the Congleton branch of the chain restaurant on August 5.

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But instead, the family were faced with tables covered in dirt and rubbish, bins overflowing and angry customers kicking off, demanding refunds.

Her complaints come just weeks after a Biddulph family visiting the same branch encountered similar issues with flies swarming near the bin and on the floor.

The mum is now boycotting the franchise until the issues are resolved.

Speaking to Stokesentinel, Keira said: "It just needs someone to sort it out. It shouldn't be messy like that. You couldn't even clear a table yourself as the bins were full. It never looks like anyone is in control. They need someone constantly cleaning."

On entering McDonald's Keira, who works at Siemens in Congleton, says they immediately encountered issues with the ordering machines.

She added: "We went at about 5.30pm. Last time I went in I went to the till and wanted to pay cash, but it took that long so we thought we'd just use a machine where you get the receipt with the order number on. We went through the payment and they said they can't give me the receipt.

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"So I didn't have the order number so we had to collar someone out the back and they tried to print it off. Eventually, we found a table with no trays or rubbish on.

“I know you're supposed to clean them off yourself but I saw the bin was overflowing so you couldn't tidy away yourself anyway.

"Over at the till, there were about four people complaining. There was a woman who said their burger was cold and another had complained something was missing.

“A young lad did come out to clean the tables but he just wiped the tables that were already emptied. He just moved a few trays around.

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"Eventually a manager came over as he had to do refunds for people. It was just chaos and awful.

“There were people standing about. I remember when you would pay at the till and you would get the order straight away. The wait wasn't the worst bit, it was just the mess."

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: "We’d like to apologise to this customer for their experience. Hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance to us and we are disappointed to have fallen short of our high standards on this particular occasion. We recommend the customer contacts our Customer Services Team who can support them further."

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