Mum-of-10 trolled over £876 weekly shop including 191 packets of crisps

After posting a video of herself spending £876 on groceries, this mum-of-10 is now facing backlash online.

Alicia Dougherty, who has previously been dubbed a “superwoman” in the media, uploaded a new video to her popular TikTok account "doughertydozen".

In the clip, the New York-based mum was seen grocery shopping for her "family of 12".

She was heard saying: "The following will last us for almost one week plus I had to get supplies for the boy's football party later today.

"I did not get apples, we're going to go apple picking for those later. I did get produce including 25 bananas.

"Some snacks including 191 packs of chips. Bread for the week, a few boxes of cereal.

"Dairy for the week including 14lbs of cheese, lunchables, coffee, some canned goods, meat including 12.5lb chicken. 6lb of pasta and a few random things and that's all for today!"

At the end of the video, which was seen nearly 650,000 times, the busy mum showed an impressively long receipt.

She revealed that the total cost of her "grocery haul" amounted to $1,143 (£876).

Despite receiving thousands of likes, the CEO of speed-cooking company, "9 to 5", also received some backlash.

"$,143 for one week. Isn’t there a way to cut that cost… yikes seems like a lot for only 10 people," a user wrote.

Another person commented: "1,200 dollars in one week? What in the world do you guys do for work? That is my rent and my food for two weeks."

A person asked: "Why have so many kids, just wondering, there are literally food shortages right now."

Someone else wrote: "What do y’all do for a living to afford this?"

Fortunately, Alicia also received a lot of positive feedback as one person commented: "Why do people care so much about what they buy and how much it costs?

"They can obviously afford it and the meal plan works for their family!"

An enquiring user asked the mum if, during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, people had been giving Alicia and her family a "hard time" thinking they were "stockpiling", to which she replied: "Oh yes. I got a lot of nasty comments and eye rolls and mean looks."

What some TikTok users may not know at first, is that the Dougherty family has both fostered and adopted 10 children, some of which were born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Alicia, along with her husband Josh, have been using their social media pages to raise awareness on fostering children, and share insights to what a large family life looks like.

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