Mum of quadruplets leaves two babies in hospital over unpaid £25k medical bill

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A mum of four quadruplets left two of her four newborn babies in hospital because she could not afford her medical bill.

Virginia Adhiambo, 26, went into labour at 31 weeks and was taken to Nairobi South Hospital in Kenya where she gave birth to four baby boys.

The mum developed complications and was taken to intensive care while the babies were fed on formula.

After recovering she was handed a medical bill worth almost £25,000, forcing her to strike a heartbreaking deal with the hospital to take home two of the babies and leave the other two there.

Virginia said: "I had the best pregnancy. No complications at all. Everything seemed to go on well just until my waters broke."

She gave birth to the four boys – Micah, Jack, Teddy and Malik – on February 1 long before her due date.

A day after the successful delivery, Virginia developed complications.

She said: "My legs and stomach got swollen, and I got a severe infection that was not responding to medication.

"With my blood count dropping, I had a blood transfusion and end up reacting to the blood. That got me into the ICU (intensive care unit.)"

Unfortunately for Virginia, her five-week stay in hospital racked up a hefty hospital bill that she was unable to pay in full.

After chatting to the hospital's management team, the mum and partner Charles Kyalo Ndonye were allowed to take home two of the tiny tots while they try and raise enough money to clear the bill.

Virginia said: "Micah and Teddy are home, but Jack and Malik are still in the hospital.

"They should be discharged this week if we manage to raise the money, but the longer they stay there the higher the bill goes."

The couple have been trying to fundraise to allow them to reunite the family.

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