Mum shaken after returning to parked car to find threatening note

A mum has been left "shaken" after a "threatening" handwritten note was left on her car.

The menacing message was left after the unnamed woman parked her car on Radcliffe Street a residential street in Royton, Oldham, on Saturday (May 20), reports Manchester Evening News.

In a bid to hold the person who wrote the note to account, the woman's in-law took to a local Facebook group and shared the news in an anonymous post.

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The note read: "Tin opener available at 81 or 83. Next time you need to leave your car for more than a couple of hours, pay for a car park and refrain from taking valuable parking spaces outside my home!!

"Next time the can opener may not be so forthcoming."

Commenting on the note, the poster said their mother-in-law was left "shaken" and concerned over where to park after she left her car in a "legal and reasonable" spot.

"Disappointed to share this was found on my mother-in-law’s car today on Radcliffe Street," the poster wrote.

"This person has no idea of the circumstances around the reason for parking there, however this is irrelevant as the road is not owned by either of these properties.

"She is fairly shaken and now is worried about where to park when this was perfectly legal and reasonable.

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"If anyone has suffered any criminal damage this may enlighten them as to where it’s come from, obviously cannot be sure.

"Please ensure you move to a house with a parking space if you need to park close to your home, and refrain from writing threatening letters."

Fellow members of the community group were quick to comment in support of the note's recipient and share their own parking nightmare stories.

"I used to live on Radcliffe Street years ago. The parking situation has always been an issue," one person wrote.

"Even had one guy knock on my door asking me to 'move my car' when the car wasn't even mine. Wonder if its the same person who wrote the note."

Another chimed in: "Obvious point – you don't have the right to control who parks outside your house, unless it is deemed an access route (dropped kerb).

"Most people who complain will live near a school, park, shopping area etc. But that is their problem."

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