Mum sues daughter over £800k lottery win claiming she stabbed her in the back

A woman sued her own daughter after a bumper lottery win, claiming she stabbed her in the back.

Linza Ford was sued by Barbara Quiles, who said she “stabbed her in the back” after leaving town with a $1million (Around £800k) jackpot.

According to the lawsuit, which was seen by the New York Post, Barbara had let Linza cash in the winning ticket because she had poor health herself.

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It was bought in 2012, with the mother claiming the pair had struck an agreement that she would have access to the funds and Linza would cash it in.

She would then make annual payments of around £24,000 (after inflation that’s more like £32,000 today) for the next 20 years.

Barbara claims she feared any issues relating to inheritance, however, Linza told a different story.

She told the outlet: “It was my ticket, signed by me. I went to the office in the Bronx. She even went with me to claim the ticket.”

She completely denied the claims of her mum, saying it was she who won the ticket at the age of 19 from a scratch card ticket at a food shop.

Barbara was gutted by the whole situation, and told the outlet: “I felt like she stabbed me not in the back but right in the heart and twisted the knife.

“It's heartbreaking what she's done."

Court documents say she claimed the card she used to access the funds from 2012 to 2014 would eventually go on to stop working.

At the time of her win, Linza said she wanted to use the funds to pay off her student debt and help out her family.

The case was settled in 2016 and a mutual settlement between the two parties was reached, although the exact terms of this are unknown.

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