Mum-to-be-killed by womb raider friend who wanted her baby in horrific plot

A 36-week pregnant woman died after an old friend tried to steal her unborn baby.

Substitute teacher Flavia Godinho Mafra, 24, was expecting her first child with her husband, Valdeli.

They got married in October 2019, living in Canelinha, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarin, the Mirror reports.

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Her school friend, Rozalba Grimm, offered to put on a baby shower for the infant – she too had recently shared on social media that she was pregnant.

Grimm told Flavia that all she needed to do was show up to the baby shower, and she would take care of the rest.

Flavia headed to the party on 27 August 2020 – but after many hours, Valdeli noticed she hadn’t looked at WhatsApp since 3.48pm.

She didn’t come home. When he got in touch with other guests they said they had been told it was cancelled.

A missing persons report was filed and Grimm told investigators that Flavia had “left with someone else after the discovery [that the party was cancelled]”.

The hunt led Valdeli family members to a pottery warehouse where they found a large kiln.

Inside the kiln was Flavia’s body – her stomach opened and the baby cut out of her.

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She was hit over the head with a brick, her autopsy found, but had died from a haemorrhage.

Whether or not she was alive at the time she was cut open is unknown.

Grimm and her husband Zulmiar Schiestl arrived at hospital with a newborn, claiming they’d given birth – but hospital staff were said to have been suspicious.

They found no physical indications she had given birth and the baby girl had cuts on her back.

After tests were run it was found that she had been trying to pass off Flavia’s baby as her own.

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CCTV footage emerged showing Flavia getting in Grimm’s car and eventually, when questioned, she admitted she was the ‘Womb Raider’.

Grimm was charged with femicide, attempted murder, abduction and concealment of a body. She is understood to have had a miscarriage of her own.

Her husband was initially a suspect but was acquitted – she had acted alone and not told him of her sinister plan.

The prosecution said Grimm was mentally fit – she was found guilty and sentenced to 57 years in prison.

She was convicted of aggravated murder, attempted murder of a baby, concealment of a corpse, obstruction of justice, abduction of a minor and denying the rights of a newborn.


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