Mum who rammed eco protestors dubs them terrorists – I only gave them a nudge

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A mum who drove into a mob of eco-campaigners has called them "terrorists" after an activist accused her of attempted murder.

34-year-old Sherrilyn Peid started to drive her Range Rover into the protesters as they sat on a road blocking her path in Purfleet, Essex, earlier this week.

The mother became frustrated after asking them to move so she could get her 11-year-old boy to school.

Speaking to GB News, she said: "I was absolutely fuming they were in the road blocking me from taking my son to school. How dare they have the audacity to do that."

During an on-air debate on the channel, climate columnist Donnachadh McCarthy said: "This woman is a mother and she drove a car over two peaceful women. What an example to give to her child.

"You cheered and applauded someone who carried out an attempted murder of peaceful people. They're fighting for a future for kids.

"You've just incited murder on this programme… You're inciting people to carry out murder."

Sherrilyn hit back, saying: "I would never hurt anyone. They weren't listening to me. When I was nice they ignored me. I thought I would get in the car and rev it a little bit.

"All of that 'ow ow' was dramatic and fake. There's no way it hurt them. They still didn't move. I got in the car and some men helped me and got them out the way so I could take my son to school."

Sherrilyn, who works as a mental health specialist, says she got angry after they refused to listen to her requests to move out of the way and laughed at her.

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Sherrilyn, of Grays, Essex, told The Sun: “When I got out the car, I walked up to them and I said, really nicely and politely, ‘Can you please move out the way because I’ve got to get my son to school and I’ve got to get to work’.

“And a woman was very rude and said ‘Yeah, everyone has got to get their kids to school’.

“She then said ‘We’re not moving’ and laughed and that really really p***ed me off.

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“In the end I said ‘Alright then, if you’re not going to move I’m going to drive at you’. So I got in my car and I went up to them.

“But I didn’t hit them I just nudged them slowly along the road. It was a scare tactic. I thought they would move but they didn’t.”

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