Mum who survived coronavirus claims virus gave her glaucoma months later

A mum diagnosed with Covid-19 in March believes the virus may have given her glaucoma.

Diana Berrent, 46, thought she was rid of coronavirus months ago but has since experienced many worrying symptoms.

She has urged the medical community to take the long-lasting impact on patients' health more seriously after being diagnosed with the eye condition last week.

The founder of Survivor Corps – a grassroots movement to help support virus survivors – described her ongoing Covid-19 symptoms in the New York Post

She said she was initially "stunned" to be one of the first in the US state to test positive for the virus and is still feeling its effects.

Six months down the line, she still can't stay awake past 9pm due to fatigue and "can't exercise at all", despite being fit and healthy before.

"Shadows of my acute symptoms have returned in recent months, like waves," she wrote.

"Severe nausea, deep inner ear pain and headaches come and go; each morning it feels like I am reaching into a shopping bag to pick out the symptom of the day."

Ms Berrent went on to describe the blurry vision she was experiencing as "upsetting" because she was a professional photographer before Covid-19 and "always took pride in my eyesight".

Immediately prior to catching the virus she had been given "all clear marks" in an eye test and admits her glaucoma diagnosis is yet to fully sink in.

The mum has also since been diagnosed with "post-Covid IBS" which she interprets to mean "they had no idea what was wrong".

"The medical community is stumped, but they need to start taking 'long Covid' seriously and acting," she continued.

Ms Berrent said one initial misconception was the virus was respiratory but findings now suggest it is "ravaging every single organ system".

She believes patients like herself can help guide them to ensure researchers move "at warp speed rather than gaslighting them with diagnoses of anxiety".

"Covid is stealing away from these people their prime years," she added.

Glaucoma sees the optic nerve become damaged and can cause loss of vision if not treated early.

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