Mummified cat and sacrificed children found in worlds most haunted house

The owner of what's been called the 'world's most haunted house' claims she has found human bones, daggers and even a mummified cat in the time she has lived there.

Caroline Humphries, 60, has resided in the Ancient Ramm Inn in Gloucestershire since she was eight, and has made a number of grim discoveries over the years.

Her parents bought the 1000-year-old property to run it as a B&B in 1968 and her late father John once found a set of daggers underneath flagstones in the lounge.

The daggers were wrapped up with human bones, which Carolines claims suggests the building may have been the site of a sacrificial killing.

Caroline’s partner Mick recently found more bones under the staircase of a room on the ground floor, including a jaw, skull, spine and femur bones.

She said: “A diviner told my dad there were children buried all over the place and when he dug he found the bones and the daggers wrapped with them, which implied sacrificial killing.

“There was an archaeological report on the daggers and they said the dates of them are undefined but they were ‘of a great age’.

“Sadly the daggers, which were in a glass display case, were stolen around 2014 when my father was in the house, showing a group of visitors around.

"They will be of great value and because of the scribblings on them, they could be linked to ritualistic killings.

“Dad took the bones he had found to a specialist who informed him that they were definitely not animal bones, so the mystery of whose remains they are and why they were buried with daggers needs to be investigated.”

Other bizarre finds include a 500-year-old mummified cat inside a wall, which Caroline believes was used to ward off witches.

She said: “My dad found a mummified cat in the walls a few years ago when he was renovating the house.

“And as well as the markings on the beams to ward off witches that dad found, the cat who Stroud Museum have confirmed is 500 years old and was dead before being placed in the walls to keep any witches out of the home.”

The lime render in the Cotswold Stone walls is said to have preserving qualities so the ancient cat is still in good shape.

The Grade II-listed Inn is reportedly built on an ancient Pagan burial ground, and is a popular site for paranormal investigations by ghost hunt groups and physics from all over the world, with countless strange sightings including moving objects.

It dates back to 1145, although the settlement and the building go back even further to 900AD or older – and was once home to slaves, Catholic monks and stonemasons who built the St Mary's Church nearby.

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Streams on the grounds had to be diverted around the church’s site, which, according to many, opened up the portal for the dark energy once used in rituals performed by Pagans in the area. It’s located on a cross of ley lines, one of which links to Stonehenge.

Caroline also suspects that there is a secret cellar and passageway connecting the two buildings.

She said: “The caveat in the deeds from Whitbreads from when we bought it states that the building’s cellars have been bricked up but we still don’t know where they are."

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