Mum’s fury as autistic daughter, 6, left to wander out of school on her own

A mum was left horrified after her six-year-old daughter was found in a busy street on her own – after teachers let her leave the school.

The girl, who has autism, was discovered riding her bike alone for about "ten minutes" from the school at the top end of the road at pick-up time on Friday afternoon.

Marfleet Primary Academy has admitted allowing the Year Two child out of the school gates on her own and has described the situation as "regrettable".

They confirmed an investigation is under way to ensure there will be no further occurrences, reports HullLive.

The pupil's mum, 30, who does not wish to be named, said she's lost all faith in the school, based in east Hull, and has removed her daughter, alongside her older sister, ten, from the school for good.

She said: "I got a phone call off a lady who I know to say she had her. I was really shocked as to how she had my child when you have to have a password at the gate to let them out.

"I was just walking to school as pick up time is 3pm until 3.15pm. I got there to find she was ten minutes away from the school, near a main road on her bike.

"She has autism and has no road safety (training) at all, which the school know.

"I asked what had happened and she told me her name got called, so she got her coat and got her bike she started to ride off."

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The mum contacted the school to find out what happened and claims she was told the teacher saw the mum of another girl in her class stood at the gate and "assumed" she was going home with her.

The mum-of-four claims the school has since tried to "blame" her daughter for the incident.

She added: "I rang the school up to get a phone call back from the head teacher who told me that the two teachers assumed she was leaving with her friends' mum, as they know I speak to her.

"They let her out because they assumed she was going with her. I’m absolutely disgusted, it’s a breach of safeguarding. It’s always me that picks her up, no one else and the school know this.

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"Then I got another phone call from her teacher who let her out, saying they shouted at another two girls, not my daughter.

"But my daughter has cried and told me it was definitely her name they shouted, so my question to the head was 'if they shouted another girl's name, like they are saying, why did they allow my child to get ready and leave the school gates?' They would have said 'no [girl's name], we didn’t shout you, sit down,' but they didn’t.

"They are trying to blame her. I’m trying my best to reassure her that it’s not her fault."

The mum has applied for the girls to join another school, even though it will disrupt their routine.

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She added: "I have lost all faith in the school to safeguard my children. The last thing I need is to be sat at home thinking my children are in their classroom, when they're really being let out and left wondering around.

"I have put in a school transfer to move my children. I feel like we send our kids to school thinking they are safe when they are not.

"I feel like if I allow my girls to go back that I’m basically saying 'they're coming back, it’s fine what you’ve done.'

The school has said a "thorough investigation" is being carried out to ensure it doesn't happen again, but the mum says "the damage has already been done".

A spokesperson for Ebor Academy Trust, which runs Marfleet Academy Primary School told HullLive: "Regrettably, a pupil was allowed to leave school grounds on her own on Friday.

"This was a mistake on our part for which we have apologised.

"We take the safety of all our children very seriously and the trust is carrying out a thorough investigation to ensure there will be no further occurrences of this situation."

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