Mystery monument blast sparks conspiracy that God struck down satanic stones

A monument which mysteriously exploded has sparked conspiracy theories with online sleuths claiming that God struck down the "satanic stones."

The Georgia Guidestones suddenly erupted on the morning of July 6, with officials scrambling for answers as they hunt the believed vandals in the US.

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the huge explosion which shows the aftermath of the Guidestones as they were destroyed at around 4am.

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They were erected in 1980 and feature five slabs of polished granite which are positioned in a pattern much like a star.

Over the years, the Guidestones have been scrutinised under conspiracy and were most recently targeted by Georgia candidate Kandiss Taylor, reports NewsAU.

She claims the monument is linked to a “Luciferian Cabal" and weighed in on social media following the huge blow-up.

Others believe that the Guidestones are tied to a population control conspiracy, which aims to decrease the planet to a mere 500,000 people.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the Guidestones had to be "completely demolished" for safety reasons.

Authorities said the initial damage was linked to "unknown individuals” who ”detonated an explosive device” at the historic site.

Taylor has since vowed to “demolish” them and tweeted that“God” was behind the “striking down" of the "Satanic Guidestones.”

“God is God all by Himself. He can do ANYTHING He wants to do," Taylor said a few hours after the explosion.

"That includes striking down Satanic Guidestones."

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The Elbert Chamber of Commerce released a statement on Facebook and said: "Over the years, the Guidestones have created lots of discussions and brought visitors to Elbert County from all over the world.

“Whatever your personal opinion on the Guidestones is, this attack is bad for our community. We hope that whoever is responsible is apprehended and brought to justice.”

The tall rocks weigh more than 20,000kg a piece and feature a “10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations in 12 languages,” states the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

It has been reported that they have previously been attacked.

The incident is being investigated by Elbert County sheriff’s deputies, Elberton police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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