Nailbiting footage shows phone falling from plane – while recording everything

An incredible video shows an iPhone falling from a plane cockpit all the way down to Earth – still working after the rough impact.

In the footage, recorded by filmmaker and environmentalist Ernesto Galiotto in Brazil, he records the ground hundreds of metres below while chatting to his pilot.

At first, he uses a handheld camera, then he switches over to his handheld phone.

While they appear to be flying over a lake, he holds the iPhone out the window with both hands but then gestures to the pilot with one of his hands, and the phone slips from his grip.

He yells out when he realises he has lost his phone.

The footage then cuts to what the phone recorded on its rapid descent.

With the camera spinning uncontrollably, the screen flashes blue and green as it hurtles towards Earth.

Luckily it landed in the sand near the edge of the lake, with a few scratches, but otherwise in working condition despite falling from an altitude of 300 metres.

The amazing footage was uploaded on YouTube by the filmmaker on December 14 with the caption: "During a flight over Praia do Peró, in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, the cell phone of environmentalist Ernesto Galiotto plummeted down the window and filmed the entire fall.

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"The most interesting thing is that it stayed on until the next day, almost 12 hours straight.

"And it was found thanks to the GPS service."

The footage has since been watched more than 120,000 times and viewers joked it was a good advert for Apple or even the tough-as-nails phone case.

One person quipped: "Imagine praying for an iPhone and watching it fall to you from the sky."

"I wish Apple would pay you a big amount for this test," commented a second person.

Another viewer chipped in: "These phone case ads are getting out of hands."

"The phone was literally in airplane mode," said a fourth viewer in Portuguese.

It's not the first time a phone has recorded while falling from a plane – with a similar incident in 2017 showing a mobile still recording while falling from 1,000ft.

The phone even managed the film the baffled reaction of the man who found it.

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