Naked man in handcuffs drowns in pond after escaping police custody

A man managed to escape police custody despite being handcuffed naked before running into a pond and drowning.

The incident occurred at 4am on Thursday, according to the Tulsa Police Department, with officials stating that they were initially called to the Shoreline Apartment Homes.

After arriving at the clubhouse of the complex, officers were faced with the destruction of a glass door by a brick that was on the floor.

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The unidentified suspect inside, who was completely naked, was found inside the clubhouse by officers who subsequently placed him under arrest, according to a post from the Tulsa Police Department.

While the officers searched for the man's clothing in the office of the clubhouse, police said the man "remained cooperative" while officers were searching the residence for items of clothing.

Following a brief search, officers found his the man's clothing which were both wet and spread across the room.

The situation was turned up a notch as officials said the man "made a break for it" while officers were proceeding with the investigation.

The man then proceeded to escape through the back door of the clubhouse, jump over the patio's railing and ran into the pond which is behind the building.

He was shortly followed by officers with some entering the pond to continue the search in what was "challenging conditions", the police department said.

The post said: "They made a valiant effort, but the suspect went under the water and did not resurface."

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The Tulsa Police Dive Team was called to the scene after he went under with officials stating that the murky conditions of the pond meant there was "little to no visibility" for the team.

The man's body was eventually recovered just after 9am, after several hours of searching.

"We are in the process of locating next of kin for the suspect. More information will be released as it becomes available," police said.


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