Naked model dies after six-floor fall from luxury flat as murder probe launched

An arrest has been made during a murder probe after a naked model plunged six floors from a luxury flat to her death.

Emmily Rodriguez, 26, fell from the sixth floor of a Buenos Aires apartment block and succumbed to injuries suffered from the fall during a transfer to hospital at a building near to the Brazilian embassy on March 30.

A businessman has since been arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with the tragic death, with apartment owner Francisco Saenz Valiente, 52, taken in for questioning.

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He was arrested after firefighters responding to the scene found Emmily on the ground without clothing after the pair had argued in the flat.

Police are said to have received calls over the death of the young woman, who had fallen from the balcony of the apartment which was a party pad "on any day of the week", locals reported.

One resident, speaking of arrested Valiente, said: "He always brings women. All the time. Anytime, day or night, it doesn't matter. It's not the first time."

Bottles of alcohol were found in the flat and neighbours have since reported hearing fighting and screaming before firefighters found the young woman on the ground.

Valiente, a businessman in the agricultural sector, told police he had been in the flat with Emmily and another woman, Juliana Magalhaes Mourao, 37.

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The 52-year-old has since said the model was "completely out of control" and had tried to open up a series of windows before throwing herself out of the flat.

Juliana revealed in her police statement that Emmily and Valiente had been arguing at the time of the death, with an unnamed witness also suggesting the 26-year-old had been "screaming for help".

Valiente has been arrested on suspicion of murder. He received injuries to his face during the bust-up, which he claims were sustained trying to prevent Emmily from jumping.

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