Naked protesters take to streets during march over young woman’s brutal murder

Naked protestors wrapped in plastic have been lying on the ground over a young woman's murder.

Thousands took to the streets in Lavalle Square in front of the Palace of Justice of the Argentine Nation in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires over the death of 18-year-old Ursula Bahillo earlier this month.

The march was organised by women's rights group Ni Una Menos – meaning Not One Less – to demand changes in the law and justice for victims of gender violence.

One protester's sign read: "298 femicides from 1st January to 30th December 2020. 54 made previous complaints. 19 had judicial measures. 15 femicides committed by the police force."

Protesters marched under the slogan: "For Ursula, for everyone."

Ursula was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend, police officer Matias Ezequiel Martinez, on February 8.

According to the local media, she had denounced her former lover twice for gender violence and breaking a restraining order.

Her body was found in a field with 15 stab wounds near Rojas, Buenos Aires.

Martinez reportedly called his uncle to tell him he had done something bad. His uncle reported his nephew to the police and he was arrested.

One of the protesters told Argentine news website Infobae: "Ursula is unfortunately one more girl whose life, dreams, and desires were taken from her, and she tried to use the system but got no response.

"Ursula is all of us, we are all her, because they are killing us all for the same reasons, because they killed her for being a woman."

Another protester, Aylen, 22, said: "We came here because of all the femicides that exist and because there is no response from the state.

"There are no policies that are solving the problem or that give an answer to us as women, who live, or rather survive, in this society."

Before the protest, Ni Una Menos shared a post on its Facebook page, which read: "The difficulty and bureaucratic slowness in establishing effective protective measures is one of the most urgent needs."

Images were also shared of a previous protest in Rojas earlier this month where a young woman was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet.

She was one of a number of people protesting the murder of Ursula, but while other protesters withdrew, she is believed to have silently faced armed officers.

Others reportedly tried to drag her to safety before police were filmed opening fire. The footage was later shared on social media.

Her condition remains unclear.

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