Naked woman tells police no clothes is a ‘lifestyle choice’ as she gets arrested

A woman told police being naked is a “lifestyle choice” as she was arrested for wandering the streets in her birthday suit.

The woman, identified as Jayme Graney, was spotted by a security guard walking around a hotel parking lot and allegedly “knocking on customer’s doors” in Edmond, Oklahoma, US.

Police were called and footage has since emerged showing officers asking why she was wearing no clothes.

“Because I chose not to,” she simply replies in the video.

A bystander offers to cover up her with his shirt but the woman refuses, adding: “I don’t want to take your shirt.”

Graney says she “doesn’t really care” that people are filming her. She then admits to taken Xanax but says the drugs are not to blame for her lack of clothes.

“It's not about that,” she says. “It's seriously a lifestyle. It doesn't have anything to do with drugs. It's not because of drugs, but a lifestyle.”

Clearly baffled, the officer responds: “To be unclothed? Is that what you're saying? It's more of a lifestyle than a drug thing? Is that what you're saying?”

Graney answers: “Yes.” The woman was arrested for indecent exposure and public intoxication.

It comes after a naked jogger was spotted wearing only a bumbag and trainers for his run around beauty spot in the UK.

The brazen lad was spotted a wildlife photographer, who couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I thought I was dreaming,” he said. “I nearly slapped myself to wake up.

"He was wearing a bum bag but nothing else.

"He ran past two men and he then hid behind a wall when he saw a Asda delivery van come down a farm drive."

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