Navalny allies call for ‘immediate’ seizure of President Putin’s $700 million superyacht

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One of the most notable assets revealed in the anti-corruption video is a $700 million superyacht which is listed as the 13th largest yacht in the world and the most expensive. The owner of the 140-metre yacht with two helipads is not listed for public viewing, but if it is owned by Putin, the superyacht may be seized under EU sanctions against the Russian president.

An acquaintance of Navalny declared: “We found another $700 million that Putin stole from the Russians – the yacht, for which Russian soldiers are now dying.”

Calls have been made for Italian authorities to seize the superyacht as Russia continues to attack Ukraine and stall peace negotiations. 

In the YouTube video, presenter Maria Pevchikh stated: “If a person falls under personal sanctions, like Putin, this means that any of his property found in the European Union automatically gets frozen.

“Houses, planes, helicopters, yachts – everything must be immediately seized.”

On Twitter Ms Pevchikh added: “We’ve been investigating Putin’s corruption for over a decade, and there is one thing we know for sure – Putin never keeps assets under his own name.

“A dozen of Putin’s personal guards and servants are constantly maintaining one of the world’s largest yachts, docked in an Italian port. 

“We think that this is solid enough proof that Scheherezade belongs to Putin himself and must be immediately seized.”

The six-deck yacht equivalent in size to two apartment blocks, is moored off the west coast of Italy at the port of Marina di Carrara.

A source said: “It is possible Navalny’s team has been helped by Western intelligence in uncovering this revelation.”

The video which was shared on Navalny’s YouTube channel showed the captain of the yacht to be British but the remaining crew members are claimed to be from the Russian secret services of the FSO and FSB.

The source added: “The yacht has been hidden from [Putin’s] people, and suggests he is indeed the richest man in the world as his critics claim.”

The same team that revealed these luxury assets also revealed that Putin has a £1 billion Black Sea palace in a resort town near Gelendzhik.

Lyudmila, the former wife of Putin is claimed to be constructing a lavish villa in the southwest France while his daughter Katerina Tikhonova is thought to own a castle on the French Atlantic coast.

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The captain of the Scheherezade, Guy Bennett-Pearce spoke to the New York Times and said of Putin: “I have never seen him. I have never met him.” 

He emphasised his belief that Putin is not the owner of the superyacht.

Mr Bennett-Pearce added that he could not comment on the nationality of the owner due to a “watertight non-disclosure agreement” but said Italian authorities boarded the yacht earlier this month and were given relevant documentation. 

He said: “I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this will clear the vessel of all negative rumours and speculations.”

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