New drug cartel say they will heat up state and kill more if demands not met

An upstart drug cartel have issued a grave warning to prison staff as they threatened to 'heat up' multiple jails and 'kill more people'.

Members of the organised criminal gang, who operate in the state of Nuevo León in Mexico, appeared in a threat video clad in balaclavas and holding automatic weapons as they read out the names of officials who run correctional facilities in the city of Monterrey.

In the footage, a gang member is heard saying they will begin inciting violence at prisons and in the streets, and will intercept prison transfers unless Aldo Fasci and Samuel Garcia comply with their demands.

Towards the start of the message they allege that prison officers have been "charging fees" and extorting money from inmates, before telling them that "you're not going to contain a city with various inmates inside a cell".

They also accuse guards of leaving prisoners without "blankets, portions of food or proper quarters", and claim they have forced them to tend to their personal matters with the use of a bucket.

The threat then continues: "You must stop already with these abuses.

"The only thing they're provoking are conflicts. Mr. Aldo Facsi we’ve found out that the individuals we previously mentioned have made a list to transport people away.

"If there are any prison transfers anywhere within the state I will heat up the state and the correctional facilities. If previously there were dead citizens within Nuevo León then there will now be more. The only thing that we want is peace."

Ongoing clashes in Mexico between warring drug cartels have seen a number of new criminal groups form in recent months.

The latest developments come as residents in the state of Colima in Mexico witnessed a huge surge in violence over the last few weeks after a long serving boss of the CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) decided to break off and form his own rival group.

Tuesday (8 February) saw some of the worst violence yet as cartel members went on a deadly rampage across the region, with the decapitated head of one man being found in a binbag.

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