New luxury mega Air-Yacht designed to fly rather than sail due to two big blimps

A new luxury mega Air-Yacht has been unveiled which is designed to fly rather than to sail thanks to its two huge blimps.

The two blimps are connected to the main central structure through four carbon bridges on each side, with a so-called “inflatable basement” allowing the yacht to float on the surface of the water when required.

The Air-Yacht's twin blimps contain 400,000m3 of compressed helium propelled by eight counter rotating electric engines.

Powered from ultra-light batteries and solar panels, the craft could fly at a maximum speed of 60 knots for more than 48 hours as a result.

Lazzarini Design Studio explained: “The Air-Yacht is not an airship for public transportation or touristic purposes, it is conceived for a private owner with a vision of mega yacht/aviation evolution.”

With that in mind, the vehicle was designed with five suites for passengers available on each blimp side, with a sky window view and a special ‘shipowner suite’ placed in the centre, which comes with a 360° view.

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Passengers can also enjoy a central area incorporating a spacious living room with a dining area.

The length overall of the dry carbon fibre structure is 150 metres, with a width of 80 metres, while the main central deck measures 80 metres in length and 10 metres wide.

An optional extra allows a helicopter to rest on the structure for flying visits to local destinations.

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When a water landing is required, Lazzarini said: “The Air-Yacht is pushed down from the rotation of the engines and can stand in the water through a depressurisation of helium and ballast anchor system. It can sail quietly in the water with a speed of five knots.”

Lazzarini have also developed a £7.5 million 'Ferrari-of-the-seas' hyperyacht that can hit 85mph and comes with a garage for the owner's supercar.

Designers revealed that the boat has foil wings that deploy to lift the boat – which comes in a Ferrari-style red – out of the water at speeds exceeding 20 knots (23mph).

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