Newcastle and Manchester will be hit by snow this weekend, Met Office warns

The UK is set to be hit by snow this weekend as forecasters predict the UK to be swamped with icy cold conditions.

The cold has been expected for some time and recently the Met Office confirmed their predictions that snow could fall as far south as London and the south east.

Storm Arwen has been issued with an amber wind warning.

Snow can be fun and be the cause of a nice day out for the family playing in the snow, but it can also cause disruption on roads and stop people getting to where they need to be.

It is therefore important for people to prepare, should it cause any major disruption. So when will it snow and will your area be hit?

When is it going to snow?

Snow has already arrived in certain areas of high ground in Scotland, but the white stuff is set to move further south over the course of this weekend.

Most areas of the UK can expect to have some snow from Saturday as the Met Office has issued a weather warning of wind for the weekend, but the first flakes were expected in Scotland today.

The weather warning is "In place for Friday for Scotland, Northern Ireland and the west of England and Wales, as well as for much of the UK – except the southeast – on Saturday. "

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Friday will be cold and snow will spread, but heavier snow is not expected country-wide until Saturday.

Sunday is unlikely to see much snow, but Monday afternoon could see the north of England and midlands affected on in to the evening.

Where will it snow this weekend?

WXcharts, a useful weather forecasting tool, predicts where and roughly when now will fall.

Meanwhile, snow will be possible "almost anywhere" between Friday and Sunday, theMet Officesaid.

On Friday Newcastle, the Lake District, Manchester and down to Yorkshire and the east midlands can all expect some snow, according to the chart.

It is Saturday that brings the first flurries across the country with areas as low as central England, London and the south east expected to be affected. Central Wales and Northern Ireland can also expect a few centimetres.

Even Southampton can expect snow. Most areas of the country will not be able to avoid it, but it is less likely to stick in southern areas with some places only expecting a few centimetres at best.

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