NHS paramedic fighting coronavirus starts crying as whole street applauds her

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak has focused peoples’ minds on the importance of NHS staff more than ever before.

Brits took to the streets on Thursday to applaud the work they do, and one paramedic was moved to tears as all her neighbours came out to clap as she set off for her shift.

As Tayla Porter left for Basingstoke and North Hampshire hospital on Thursday, she was greeted with the whole of her street outside.

Unable to believe the emotional display, the 22-year-old emergency care assistant struggled to hold back tears as mum Ali, 55, dad Phil, 55, and sister Tash, 21 watched on.

After a few people had posted on the family's local village forum about joining in the national clap for carers applause at 8pm, Ali mentioned to her neighbours that her eldest daughter would be in work from 4pm.

However, Ali thought nothing more of it until they stepped outside and were greeted by a cacophony of applause.

On top of the cheering, there was also a packet of Cadbury's Miniature Heroes and homemade cake waiting on top of her car to take to work.

Ali said: "It was overwhelming for all of us.

"Tayla just couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that people would even notice what she's doing. She just loves her job.

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"I had no idea the whole street would come out. I just thought it might be our next-door neighbours and the house opposite.

"What I didn't realise was that every single house had at least one person come out to clap her."

"It carried on all the way up our street," continued Ali, "and you could hear them clapping all the way up the next street too.

"It must have been people texting people or word of mouth, because not everyone is on there.

"It was so emotional, I could barely speak. It was just overwhelming pride.

"We barely know anyone on our street. You see each other daily, but you don't know each other's names."

Tayla – who hopes to become a lead paramedic – even had to leave her younger sister Tash to celebrate her 21st birthday to head out on shift.

Ali said: "There's been some nights where Tayla's come back and we've had to sit down and she's had a bit of a cry from being exhausted.

"She's seeing things that are quite scary. But she goes out there and puts a brave face on.

"We don't know enough about coronavirus and that's not the only thing they're facing out there."

Ali said: "It's been so overwhelming. It's amazing how everyone has come together. I feel like our village is closer.

"You've got more time for people and appreciate them more now.

"It brings you closer."

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