Nicola Bulley detectives confirm body found in river is tragic missing mum

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    A body discovered in the search of missing dog walker Nicola Bulley has been confirmed as hers by after police who believed she had fallen in the river near St Michael's on Wyre.

    Nicola, 45, went missing on January 27 sparking a major search operation from emergency services, including dog teams and river divers.

    Mountain rescue, drones and helicopters had all been incorporated into the hunt, with private divers also joining the search.

    READ MORE: Nicola Bulley cops find body in search for missing mum, police confirm

    Police received reports of a body in the water at 11.36am today and are now set to establish whether the body is that of the missing mum, who was last seen on January 27.

    Images of Nicola the day she went missing have recently emerged showing her wearing a long blue hooded coat.

    At 9:10am she was spotted by another dog walker but 25 minutes later her dog, Willow, and her phone – still connected to a work call – were found at a bench by the river.

    Divers from Specialist Group International (SGI) joined the search free of charge in a bid to help Lancashire Police.

    Speaking before their search started, founder of SGI, Peter Faulding, said: "We're bringing extra divers, and we also bring hi-tech sonar.

    • Police's theory Nicola Bulley fell into river is rubbished by forensic expert

    "It gives us double the resources so we can cover an extremely large area."

    The group brought with it a £55,000 side-scan sonar has a high frequency of 1,800 kilohertz.

    However, Mr Faulding ended his river search unsuccessfully on February 8 after the case left him "baffled".

    Nicola's partner Paul Ansell made a number of pleas for information as the days went by with no progress on the missing mum's whereabouts.

    In a statement on February 6, Mr Ansell expressed thanks for all the help in the search for Nicola and spoke of the tough time for the couple's children.

    He said: “This has been such a tough time for the girls especially but also for me and all of Nicola’s family and friends, as well as the wider community and I want to thank them for their love and support.

    “We are also really grateful to Peter and his team from SGI for coming up and helping support the work of Lancashire Police as they continue their investigation."

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    • Police's theory Nicola Bulley fell into river is rubbished by forensic expert

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