Nigel Farage urges people to ignore ban on gatherings of more than six people

Nigel Farage has suggested people ought to break the new social distancing laws which have been brought in to protect against a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

Under new guidelines any public or private gathering of more than six people can broken up by police, and anyone involved could be liable for a fine.

The former UKIP leader and LBC host, now leader of the Brexit Party, tweeted: “This draconian law that comes in from Monday to allow gatherings of only six people will not be respected by protestors and those going to raves, so why should the rest of us comply?”

There were widely differing reactions among his Twitter followers.

Some agree with him while others point out it is the responsibility of every citizen to abide by the rule of law – and a few claim they had been breaking the rules all along.

Twitter user Rosy Knight said: “Enforce the law is the answer. All those blatantly ignoring it should be fined on the spot.”

A number of people pointed out Farage himself had broken the lockdown rules with his repeated trips to the south coast to film desperate migrants washing up on Brit beaches.

John Rain, on Twitter, pointed out: “This man flew to Tulsa during the lockdown.”

Several social media users brought up the Black Lives Matter protests, claiming police had adopted a tolerant approach to them.

While one went further – alleging the enforcement of mask-wearing in shops and on public transport was a bid to put the Mark of the Beast on mankind in line with prophecies in the Book of Revelations.

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Twitter user Wildred Aspinall disagreed, saying complying with the law was “of course” the right thing to do.

He added he would “go further" and instruct everybody by law to wear a face mask when gathering as well as walking about in public.

"It is not a draconian law but a common sense precaution,” he continued.

Workplaces will not be covered by these new rules and weddings, funerals and organised sporting events will also be exempt.

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