No-fly zone is ‘right thing to do’ – public calls increase for NATO to ‘fight new Hitler

Ukraine: Russia has 'pounded it to rubble' says Barrons

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In a bumper set of polls that ran from 9am on Thursday, March 17 to 9am on Monday, March 21, readers shared their thoughts on all the latest developments in the brutal war in Ukraine. Overwhelmingly, readers thought NATO should brand Russia a terrorist state under Vladimir Putin, and most believe that a no-fly zone over Ukraine – a plea issued by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky each week – was the “right thing to do”. 

First, asked: “Was Biden right to call Putin a ‘war criminal’?”, referring to the off-the-cuff remarks made by the American President last week. 

A total of 11,822 people voted, with a staggering 89 percent saying “yes”, Mr Biden did the right thing. Nine percent said “no”, and two percent said they were not sure.

Next up, asked: “Do you think NATO should listen to Zelensky and brand Russia a ‘terrorist state’?” after the Ukrainian President called on Western allies to take this step. 

Of 11,803 voters, 81 percent said “yes”, while 14 percent voted “no” and five percent said they did not know. 

Finally, asked: “Do you think NATO should impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine?”. 

Here, readers were less sure, but the majority of the 11,809 voters said “yes”, with 51 percent thinking a no-fly zone should be imposed. 

A further 37 percent said “no”, while 12 percent said they did not know either way. 

In the comments left below the poll, it was clear that readers want to support the people of Ukraine, and would urge NATO to do more. 

Username capt cleg wrote: “Ukraine is less than one-tenth the size of Russia and cannot defend herself indefinitely no matter how many up to date weapons the west gives them.

“NATO has got to get involved and stop being afraid of Putin, we know precisely where all his nuclear weapons are hidden, take them out.”

And username Duncan 1992 said: “Absolutely yes. 100 percent the right thing to do.”

The comments section also showed how much anger exists towards Putin as the war rages on, with many comparing the Russian leader to famous depots in history, like Hitler or Stalin. 

Username pikestaff wrote: “Not only is he a war criminal he’s also a [murderer] who has earned his place in history alongside Stalin, Hitler. 

“He’s succeeded in pushing Russia backwards 100 years in the eyes of the world.”

And username RodneyDE Rosayro added: “The world has to destroy Putin like it did with Hitler.”

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Username John994 wrote: “Yes, Putin is a war criminal together with his political associates and senior military leaders.”

And username london town added: “Putin is a war criminal killing innocent people in Ukraine and should be tried as such.”

Elsewhere in the comments, it was clear that people are nervous about the war spilling over into other parts of Europe. 

Username kiwi wrote: “Remember how WW2 started – we tried to appease Hitler and walked into war unprepared.”

And username petitprintemps said: “Why do [people] believe no-fly zone over Ukraine will lead to world war? 

“If no one does anything, they are allowing Putin to destroy a whole country and then it will be our turn.”

Others, however, said NATO should not get involved and go against its defining principles. 

Username spy wrote: “NATO is for defence only. If a member is attacked then other members go to war. NATO is not about attacking.”

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