North Korea ‘to launch ballistic-carrying submarine during US election’

North Korea has reportedly finished building a new ballistic missile-carrying submarine that it could launch during the US presidential election.

The vessel is understood to be docked in Sinpo, according to reports coming out of South Korea.

Satellite images show a large facility at the Sinpo shipyard where 3,000-tonne subs could be built, documents compiled by the UN Security Council Sanctions on North Korea said back in April.

It is feared the submarine could pose a new threat to both South Korea and the US as it is capable of carrying three or four ballistic missiles.

The likeliest missile is the Pukguksong-3, which is understood to be currently in development.

An unnamed military officer told South Korean media: "The North could unveil a new sub anytime.

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"It’s possible that the North will launch it around the time of the US presidential election in November to draw attention."

The US must now consider the possibility that North Korea could stage a missile launch during what appears to be the most-impactful election in the country’s recent history.

North Korea has up to 60 nuclear weapons and a 5,000-tonne stockpile of chemical weapons, according to the US Army.

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The calculations were made last month in a report by the US Department of the Army, called North Korean tactics.

Sections warn Kim Jong-un’s regime may be able to obtain 100 such weapons by the end of this year, South Korean news agency Yonhap reports.

It reads: "Estimates for North Korean nuclear weapons range from 20-60 bombs, with the capability to produce 6 new devices each year."

North Korea is supposedly the third biggest possessor of chemical agents, with 2,500-5,000 tonnes and 20 different types, the research adds.

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