Northcote shooting: Sister reveals face injuries so bad brother never likely to drive, work again

The sister of an Auckland schoolboy who suffered horrific facial injuries in a drive-by shooting says her brother is never likely to drive or work again.

Maria Rota has created a givealittle page to raise funds for her 16-year-old brother Rewi, who was the victim of a shooting as he played basketball with friends at a North Shore court on Friday.

Rewi was shot in the face when someone inside a car opened open fire on the teens as they played on the Cadness St court.

According to his aunt, the gunman drove past and shot “blindly into a group of people”.

Today his sister has revealed the facial wounds suffered in the attack are so bad it has robbed him of a “bright future”.

It meant chances of holding down a regular job or driving a car were now gone.

“He’s suffered injuries that will change his life and cause a lot of challenges while he adjusts,” she wrote.

“He’s blind in one eye and there’s damage to his right eye as well.

She said the injuries would profoundly impact her younger brother’s future.

“My brother’s the most humble, kind-hearted and selfless person I know.

“He’s a good kid with a bright future ahead of him. He still goes to school, has his driver’s licence and has a job but due to his injuries he’ll most likely never drive or work again so we’d appreciate any help that we can get,” she posted.

Rota said the money would be used to make her brother’s life easier once he was discharged from hospital.

Within the first few hours, nearly $600 had been donated to the family.

Earlier, his aunt wrote a harrowing account of the shooting on social media.

“He was at our local basketball court with friends when it happened. Imagine your kid going to the local park then being told they’d been shot,” she said.

“It was my harmless, gentle nephew, my Choppas. I called my sister and could hear the rage in her voice. She was already on her way to the hospital to be by her baby.”

Police said they received calls from members of the public saying they heard “multiple gun shots”.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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