Not a walk in the park Putin struggles in east as hes only able to deploy 65 battalions

Ukraine's war with Russia could be 'extremely long' says expert

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Following the deployment of Russian troops to the east of Ukraine, The Backstory podcast host Andrew Neil, while interviewing Former CIA Director General David Petraeus, said: “it has not been a walk in the park for Mr Putin to move his forces to the east”. “[Putin] is having trouble re-equipping them” and seems to be only able to “deploy 65 battalions”, says Mr Neil.

Speaking to Former CIA Director General David Petraeus, Mr Neil said: “You mentioned the degradation of Ukraine’s fighting abilities although they still seem up for it.”

He continued: “I see reports that it has not been a walk in the park for Mr Putin to move his forces to the east.

“He is having trouble re-equipping them.

“And he has also been slow to move them.

Mr Neil highlighted: “Western intelligence seems to estimate that he can deploy 65 operational battalion tactical groups, the BTGs in the east.

“That is about 65,000 men.”

He then asked the Former CIA Director: “Doesn’t that limit what he can do in the east?”.

General David Petraeus responded: “Yes, that is not an overwhelming number if Ukraine can reposition its forces and support them adequately.

“And a lot of this is supporting them.”

He continued: “It is not only about armers on the ground.

“It is about the artillery, the multiple launch rocket systems, the drones, the aircrafts.”

He the added: “Ukraine is on the receiving end of an extraordinary amount of assistance.

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“The US alone, depending on if they start the clock fairly early on, I think is is up to 3 billion dollars or certainly approaching that number.”

General David Petraeus reiterated: “They are not insignificant numbers and capabilities being provided by other countries.”

He then concluded: “I would single out the UK as a matter of fact, which was the first with the shoulder latch guided anti tank missile.

“The first with anti ship missiles and sanctions.”

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