Nothing is going anywhere for Meghan Markle as fans slam her as ‘deluded’

Meghan Markle has been savaged by a royal author who claims she "doesn't have a brand" and is "not going anywhere" while royal fans slam the Duchess as "deluded".

Tina Brown, the royal biographer of the new book The Palace Papers, suggested that Meghan has been left "grasping" at whatever people are talking about on Twitter while Harry remains in "a much better spot", Express reports.

Talking to the Washington Post Live, Ms Brown said: "Harry is in a much better spot because he brilliantly started this Invictus Games and that's what his brand should be.

"He should just forget everything but the Invictus Games and just make that his brand.

"It's authentic, he really was extremely as a shoulder, Veterans are in his bloodstream in terms of authentic caring about them and it's wonderfully connective cause to be aligned to.

"Meghan doesn't really have a brand. You feel that she is sort of grasping somewhat at whatever Twitter is caring about at the moment.

"It's vaccinations, it's Ukraine, it's women's rights, it's my 40th birthday let's have a mentoring scheme.

"Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan."

It comes as royal fans slam the Duchess as "deluded" for attempting to become a "global influencer" without the "the education or credentials."

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One disgruntled royal fan wrote: "Meghan is now reduced to using social media to find something to tag her name to, and failing miserably."

Another said: "She has zero clout. She offers nothing, and yes, constantly jumps on a bandwagon looking for recognition, thinking that her input is relevant and worthy."

The Duchess of Sussex recently unveiled her long awaited Spotify podcast, which is set to focus on female stereotypes and vows to investigate "labels that try to hold women back" called Archetypes.

Mentioning the upcoming project from Meghan, one online commenter wrote: "Meghan’s podcast won’t be anything you could not hear in a women’s studies class. Nothing original, only her plagiarizing others' work (as usual)."

A second said: "Neither have anything to sell other than their titles. They are deluded to believe they are important world leaders."

Representatives for Meghan Markle have been contacted for comment.

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