Now Sweden calls Putins bluff and announces NATO bid in historic show of defiance

Russia: NATO gaining more countries 'bad for Putin' says Jones

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Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister, Ann Linde said: “Today the Swedish Social Democratic Party took a historic decision to say yes to apply for a membership in the NATO defence alliance. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has deteriorated the security situation for Sweden and Europe as a whole.” In a statement, the Social Democrats – Swedens ruling party – said: “The party board has at its meeting on May 15, 2022 decided that the party will work toward Sweden applying for membership in NATO.”

This comes just hours after Finland announced it will apply to become part of the alliance.

Responding to Finland’s decision to attempt to join NATO, Putin warned Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö that the country is making a “mistake”.

In a call with President Niinistö, Putin said the country faces “no security threats”.

Putin was told that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and cyber-attacks on Finland and Sweden have “altered the security environment”.

But the Finnish leader said that the call was “conducted without aggravations” as both parties worked to “avoid tensions”.

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