Odd symptom of brand new Covid strain you only get at night

Night sweats could be a sign of the latest strain of Covid identified, an expert has claimed.

With the heatwave well and truly upon us it may not necessarily be the easiest symptom to detect.

Sleeping could become a misery, claims Luke O'Neill, a professor of biochemistry, as the evolved virus could see sufferers sweating so much their clothes and bedding become sodden.

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The Trinity College professor made the warning about the newly identified BA.5 variant – now the dominant Omicron subvariant across the world – as Brits could miss the new symptoms as being Covid.

"The disease is slightly different because the virus has changed," the Dublin based boffin told Newstalk's Pat Kenny.

"There is some immunity to it, with the T cells and so on, and that mix of your immune system and the virus being slightly different might give rise to a slightly different disease – with strangely enough – night sweats being a feature.”

Adults and kids can get night sweats and they can happen even if your room is at a cool temperature.

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The latest symptom is yet "another curveball" Professor O'Neill warned, and they are a result of the new virus colliding with immune systems resulting in a "different disease".

And he stressed that while current vaccines are still offering "good protection", new jabs will be rolled out ahead of an expected winter Covid wave, with Pfizer and Moderna having an Omicron vaccine by September, and a BA.4/5 vaccine by October.

He explained: "Like the flu, you'll change the vaccine based on the variant that's around at the time.”

It comes as it was revealed that one in every 25 Brits now have Covid, according to the Office for National Statistics.

A total of 2.7million people across the UK would have tested positive last week.

It is the highest figure for three months but experts say there are signs it should peak soon.

Hospital admissions are also on the rise and have doubled in a fortnight in four parts of England – the East, South East, Midlands and South West.

There are now 11,878 inpatients across England and 232 people in intensive care – a critical measure for ministers to watch.

The ZOE Covid study revealed that the total number of daily cases across the UK stands at 339,265, the Mirror reported.

It comes as an estimated two million Brits are suffering with Long Covid.


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