Old golden retriever’s ‘happy feet’ show her sheer excitement on 11th birthday

A golden retriever celebrating her 11th birthday could not contain her excitement when she was given a treat, with her “happy feet” showing her sheer joy.

Adorable pooch Abigail looked fighting fit as she passed the ripe old age this week.

In a video that has gone viral on Reddit, she starts bouncing up and down as her owner reveals a treat for her.

She finally manages to sit still before being given the tasty snack, while the person behind the camera wishes her “happy birthday”.

The clip has racked up more than 8,000 upvotes since being shared earlier this week.

“You all wished Abigail a happy 11th birthday,” the uploader, CynicalCinderella, said.

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“Here is her happy feet for her favourite birthday treat.”

Viewers in the comments section urged the uploader not to tell her pooch to stop dancing, but she offered her reasoning in a reply.

“We keep trying to tell her not to jump because she's old,” they said.

“But she can’t help herself, she gets too excited. My forever puppy.”

Other viewers loved Abigail’s excitement, with one writing: “I love her. Happy birthday to the happiest old gal.”

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  • Another said: “Love Abigail, glad she is so happy.”

    While a third added: “God, I love her! And love her tippy taps and happy feet, silly girl!”

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