Ottawa-Gatineau zip line opening delayed until spring 2021

Plans for an interprovincial zip line between Ottawa and Gatineau, originally set to open this summer, have been suspended until spring 2021 amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The planned 1,400-foot-long tourist attraction, first announced last December and believed to be the first interprovincial crossing of its kind in the world, promised participants an “unparalleled” perspective of the Ottawa River.

But organizers announced Tuesday morning that, in light of “uncertainty surrounding the restrictions” related to the ongoing pandemic, the new zip line project will be put off until next year.

Dubbed “Interzip Rogers,” the multimillion-dollar project was a collaboration between Ottawa-based advertising agency Orkestra and Zibi, a mixed-use development under construction on Gatineau’s waterfront and on the Chaudière and Albert islands.

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