Our dad didn’t share EuroMillions jackpot so we smashed his car up with hammer

A dad who won a massive EuroMillions jackpot had his car smashed with a hammer by his own sons after he refused to share the winnings.

And while a lotto win should be welcomed, life-changing news for most, for others like Alex Robertson it can cause huge family rifts.

Mr Robertson was named among the lucky bus drivers who scooped a staggering £38million during a syndicate in Corby, Northants, over a decade ago.

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But despite the British National Lottery rules stating that only the named person on the ticket is entitled to the cash – his sons didn't agree.

A massive feud erupted between the family after his sons claimed they weren't given any of the £3.1million that was handed to their dad.

Alex Jnr, 45, confessed: “We ended up taking hammers to his two new 4×4 Shoguns.

"We walked up his driveway at 11 o'clock at night and put two claw hammers through the windows of the car.

"We then reported ourselves to the police.”

He previously told The Sun: “This lottery win was the worst thing that ever happened to us — it ripped our families apart."

Brother William, 44, was charged with harassment after he sent his father threatening text messages.

However, the case was dropped back in 2013, after Alex Snr, 77, changed his mind about flying from Spain to offer evidence in the trial.

The Daily Star previously reported how Kirk Stevens’ was left high and dry after his girlfriend did a runner with her winnings.

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His partner Laura Hoyle bagged £10,000 every month for 30 years, for a huge total of £3.6million, as part of the National Lottery’s Set For Life draw.

Kirk said she lived with him rent free and her contribution was to put £25 on the lottery each week.

At first, the idea worked with both of their names being listed on the winning cheque.

However, less than two years later, Laura broke up with him and left him without any cash.

He said: “Laura had told me we’d live the life of Riley if we won. Now she’s gone. She pulled the plug and took everything. She even wants our two dogs.”

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