Our teachers sent us flirty messages after we left school – its so creepy

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Some women have opened up about the messages their former teachers have sent them since departing the school gates for the final time – and they will make your skin crawl.

The inappropriate communications were all from men (gasp) and some of the educators even subscribed to the OnlyFans pages of their ex-pupils.

Others eerily asked whether their one-time students were now “old enough” to go for a drink in a bar with… yuck!

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Here, these women have spoken out about their uncomfortable experiences with men who once had authority over them.

Teacher’s Secret

Bridget Malcolm is a Victoria's Secret model who has some 362,000 followers on Instagram.

But before becoming a successful model, her former music teacher began sending her incongruous messages.

The slimey texts and emails started even before she graduated from the prestigious all-girls Methodist Ladies’ College in Perth.

Exchanges between Bridget, 30, and teacher Aurello Gallo, 53, have now been made public after an investigation.

It started with Gallo emailing for his student’s number in July 2007 and he once wrote to Bridget: "I sincerely wish you a safe and holy Christmas and special new year. By the way thanks for the birthday wish – NOT. Love Mr Gallo – sorry I mean regards Mr Gallo."

He continued to stay in contact after she left school, writing in February 2009: “Glad to hear that you are being looked after and also becoming aware of people. The second hand news was courtesy of [name of another teacher], who went on to tell me that she spoke to you for an hour and informed me of the topless photos which you obviously didn't send me!!! Why not may I ask!"

The Aussie model has worked for Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney and she said she is “still in shock” and continues to process what happened.

Gallo meanwhile had his licence suspended after the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia concluded he committed “serious misconduct”.

‘Call the police’

It’s one thing for a former classmate to subscribe to your OnlyFans page, but there is something especially haunting when your ex-teacher does it.

But that was the reality for Dolly Simpson, from Stockton-on-Tees, who along with her sister has spent £140,000 on plastic surgery.

The sinister subscription shocked Dolly who even confided in her mum – who believes he should be thrown in prison.

Speaking with the Daily Star, she remembered: “He subscribed to my OnlyFans and said ‘oh you’ve grown up to be such a beautiful young woman’.

“It was really creepy because he knew me as a child.

“I did talk to him and try to get money out of him but then I just ignored him because it was really weird. I told my mum and she said he should be in jail.”

‘The special one’

Another OnlyFans model who was left leaving queasy thanks to an old secondary school teacher is Richelle Knupper.

She exposed the educator in a viral TikTok video last year after he paid to see her X-rated snaps.

Richelle, also known as Rara, now 23, said: "Me after one of my high school teachers subscribed to my OnlyFans and told me they always knew I was something special."

In a clip posted online, it’s visible just how uncomfortable Rara feels about the odd situation.

Despite not giving away too many details, on a pervious YouTube video she revealed she graduated in 2016 and was relieved to leave her "f****** abomination of a high school".

And on her viral video, one person replied: "I know he hasn't broken any laws (that you know of) but seriously tell the school. They should be made aware that he could potentially be looking at high school girls like this. They should at least keep an eye on this guy."

‘Are you 21 yet?’

TikTok user Makayla (@makaylam.ller) sparked a huge debate online when her former history teacher sent her a stomach churning private message on Twitter.

Sharing it online, the message read: “Hi Makayla, hope life has been treating you well after graduation. just curious to see if you’re 21 yet and interested in grabbing a few drinks with a former hot history teacher? Hope to hear back from you.”

The clip was viewed millions of views with some users encouraging her to date him while others strongly discouraged it.

One person wrote: "Girl, NO. I was a teacher and the thought of dating a former student is sickening. As a teacher, this makes my skin crawl.”

Another added: “Girl, please don’t do it. You were his student and a child when he knew you, this is a major red flag.”

In follow-up videos, Makayla revealed the teacher was seven years older than her and she felt comfortable exchanging numbers.

However, she said the chat was “so f**king boring” and she has no plans on having any relationship with him.

“I just couldn’t,” she added.


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