Overweight woman instantly loses over a stone after doctors remove giant cyst

A woman considered overweight by doctors was found not to be so after she had a whopping 20lb cyst removed.

The unnamed woman went to hospital after gaining weight but doctors would find that rather than fat, she had grown a massive cyst in her ovaries.

The monster growth would turn out to be cancerous measuring up at 9.4 inches by 13.4 inches.

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In a post translated on Facebook, a doctor from Bueng Kan Hospital in northeast Thailand said: “I had just finished with a case concerning ovarian fluid.

“At first I suspected that this patient was just obese, however, others wanted to check further.

“I found the same case, but the ovarian fluid that I found was bigger than the previous case, weighing more than 9 kilograms (19.8 pounds)!!!"

The doctor added: "In this case, the patient thought that she had just put on weight, but when it felt like there was a lump on the abdomen, we checked the body and it was found that it was a water bag (cyst) on the right ovary of about 24x34cm."

Fluid-filled sacs, ovarian cysts develop on ovaries and normally do not grow to this scale – the size of a cherry is more common.

Newsweek reports that around 8% of pre-menstrual women who develop ovarian cysts have them large enough to need surgery.

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