Owl stows away on Royal Caribbean cruise ship for free two-week trip to Mexico

A cheeky owl has finally been recovered after a free two-week holiday aboard a cruise ship.

Travelling between the US and Mexico, the burrowing owl was spotted by passengers during their vacation.

Thankfully the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were on hand, with wildlife biologist Ricardo Zambrano saving the day.

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The FWC said in a Facebook post: "Ricardo only had a one-hour window of time between the passengers disembarking and new passengers coming aboard for their week-long vacation to Mexico."

But it was no easy mission to save the owl after the first attempts to capture the bird were scuppered when he would fly to different parts of the ship, but Zambrano was finally able to get the situation under control and capture him in a net.

The post continues: "After the amazing rescue, the cute little stowaway was safely assisted with the disembarkation process. He had nothing to claim in customs."

Despite appearing to be in good health the owl has been taken to South Florida Wildlife Center as a precaution.

This comes after another friend from the animal kingdom was found to be breaking into homes and stealing undies from washing lines.

Gary the goat had been causing havoc on his owner Anne Lomas' farm in Cumbria as well as nearby locals.

Anne said: “He’d turn up with bras and pants on his head and we’d find undies in the barn. He gets it off the washing lines.

“One of the villagers even found him asleep in their living room where he had broken in and left them a very unwanted present. He’s an animal!”

He terrified locals in lockdown by jumping onto their picnic benches and eating their lunch.


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