Peckish police man crashes after using emergency lights to rush home for food

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A peckish police officer crashed into a vehicle after putting on his emergency lights to rush home to his dinner after his wife told him it was ready.

PC John Byrne, from Liverpool, was prompted to rush home after a 12-hour shift when his wife sent him a message saying his ‘tea was on the table’.

The officer, who serves with Merseyside police, switched on the vehicle's siren to dart through traffic before crashing into a BMW, in November 2019.

The court heard the vehicle’s emergency lights were activated for no 'proper reason'.

Prosecutor James Preece told the Manchester Crown Court PC Byrne was in the company of PC May, when they left St Anne Street Police Station in a patrol vehicle.

During a police interview, the defendant admitted he had activated the emergency lights 'without a police need to do so'.

PC May, who was in the passenger seat, suggested in her witness statement she had tried to tried to challenge her colleague about his actions, but it wasn't long before their vehicle collided with the BMW, driven by a member of the public.

The incident has caused grave damage to the prospect of the officer’s career, who is at risk of being fired for his actions.

Mr Preece raised three questionable elements about the crash in a report, the first being the fact that the emergency lights had been activated ‘without there being a proper reason to use them’.

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The second was the speed at which the vehicle was travelling moments before the crash, which was 80mph despite a 40mph limit in the area it was located in.

The report also challenged a ‘period of braking’ to 30mph consistent with approaching a junction before acceleration again as the road bends right and crosses a junction.

Photos taken at the site of the crash show the patrol vehicle had collided with the right-hand side of the BMW.

PC May told the court her colleague has slammed the break but could not prevent the crash.

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