Peeping Tom arrested after being restrained by group of women he was spying on

A group of women managed to chase and take down a man they spotted removing a panel of window from their home after he allegedly followed them from a bar in the early hours of the morning.

Police in Oklahoma responded to a 911 call at around 2:30am to find Taylor Rogers restrained on the ground by a group of multiple women.

Mr Rogers was arrested on a peeping Tom charge, two aggravated assault charges and a burglary charge.

He was reportedly released Friday afternoon on a $1,000 bail bond.

The peeping Tom is said to have punched, kicked, bit and pulled at the woman's hair but he was not able to escape before the police arrived.

Investigators said that Rogers followed three women home from a bar and tampered with an outside breaker box, and then watched the women get changed through their window.

When he attempted to remove a panel from the window, one of the women inside the house spotted him.

At least two of the women reportedly took chase of Rogers and caught up to him on a nearby street.

The brave women were able to hold him down until help arrived.

A similar incident happened in the UK back in 2019 when a Met Police sergeant was caught using his iPhone to take naked photos of a woman in the shower.

30-year-old Benjamin McNish claimed he was using the phone as an "extension of my eyes" after he'd forgotten to shave ahead of a drinks function.

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The Essex policeman had a fast-climbing career in the Met, promoted to sergeant just three years after joining.

He was shockingly due to start a new role in the force's rape and sex offences investigations squad.

Mr McNish is due to be sentenced on July 15. He could be facing prison time and the end of his police career.

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) senior specialist prosecutor Andrew Levin said: "Benjamin McNish was a serving policeman who observed a woman showering without her consent for his own sexual gratification.

"This was a private act that McNish had no right to observe. He violated the victim's privacy by spying on her in a bathroom. His actions were clearly illegal and wholly unacceptable."

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