Pervert pretended to be gay masseuse so that he could abuse women

A man has been arrested after allegedly posing as a gay masseuse to help him sexually abuse women.

Matheus Calainho Cyranka, 28, from the upmarket Rio de Janeiro suburb of Barra da Tijuca in Brazil, pretended his name was Fernando whilst offering his services as a fake massage therapist.

He is accused of abusing two women in an apartment located in another Rio neighbourhood – the coastal resort of Ipanema.

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Previously, Cyranka was arrested in January 2021 on suspicion of committing the same crime against two other women but has not yet stood trial for those alleged offences.

Police claim that the suspected sexual predator selected his victims, who were normally digital influencers, in exchange for advertising his services, as part of his supposed sinister ruse.

He also allegedly asked the women to take all their clothes off or strip down to a bikini with the abuse starting as soon as the massage began.

Giving her testimony, one suspected victim said that Cyranka ran his fingers over her private parts and rubbed his penis on her buttocks.

"He said he was homosexual to gain the trust of the victims, and they said that it took them a while to become suspicious because of that," police chief Ricardo Barboza said.

"We believe that, in addition to the victims who have already reported it, other women will go to the police."

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Cyranka was banned by authorities from accessing or creating social media profiles at the time of his latest alleged offences but kept changing the name of the pages that he offered his fraudulent services from to avoid being caught.

If he is now found guilty, he will be given a prison sentence between two to six years in duration.

The two women shared their experiences of his alleged abuse through text messages to each other and later realised "Fernando's" real identity when they found online reports of Cyranka's previous arrest when he was also accused of masturbating.

Following this arrest, Cyranka confessed that he had never been trained as a masseuse but argued that he had learned techniques from watching internet video footage.


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