Pet poodle became a drug addict from parties at Hugh Hefners mansion

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A poodle owned by Hugh Hefner became addicted to cocaine from wild parties at the Playboy founder's mansion, it has emerged.

Witness accounts from a brand new documentary heard exclusively by The Mirror revealed some of the most scandalous goings-on at the homes of adult magazine magnate.

Hugh passed away in 2017 at the age of 91 after becoming well-known amongst celebrities for throwing debauched parties at his mansions in America from the 1970s until the 2000s.

Describing the antics of the powder-crazy pooch, ex-girlfriend Sondra Theodore said: “There was drugs everywhere.

"John Dante was Hef’s best friend and Dante had a dog Louis, who was a tiny poodle [who] got hooked on cocaine.

“The dog could smell it from across the room. A very famous person walked into the house one night and that little dog jumped off the couch like super dog, flew to that person and was licking her up the nose.

“And she goes ‘[This dog] just loves me’… and we are all going ‘yeah sure’. [We] knew why that dog was on her. He had to lock that dog up when people were around because he was addicted to cocaine.”

She added that celebrities “you would not think would be doing" the drugs "were doing it”.

Sondra, who was Playmate of the Month for in the magazine's July 1977 issue, divulged: “I was afraid to speak up… Hef used cocaine. He used more than that, he had a drawer full of drugs.”

Touching on the dark side of Hefner's habit, also claimed Hefner used her as a drug mule and that she had been sent to pick up illicit substances for him on numerous occasions.

She added: “it made me feel like I was important to him. I was told it was in the name of love.”

She spoke to cameras for the new ten-part A and E Network TV series 'Secrets of Playboy', which will be broadcast on January 24.

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